Gary Max, CPSI

President (The Big Cheese)

North Sound, Eastern Washington, and Alaska

Gary has been in the playground business next to forever & has owned and operated SiteLines since 1991. Gary is by far one of the most knowledgeable guys in the biz. He’s also responsible for some GameTime component designs such as the Patented DNA Climber and he also sits on the GameTime Product Development team for new products.

Gary covers King County, Eastern Washington, Alaska, and any remaining areas on the globe that promise a fishing trip. Gary will seriously fly anywhere in the world if you promise him a fishing trip. He’s installed more playgrounds in not only the impossible to get to locations in Alaska like Golovin (go ahead, Google it) but he’s even installed playgrounds in Tashkent Uzbekistan, Chengdu China, Taipei Taiwan, Manila Philippines & yes even Cameroon Africa! 

Gary is a hard man to get a hold of since he’s always traveling, it’s easier to ask him what countries he hasn’t been to then to list the ones he has. When he is in the office he’s burning the candle at both ends staying into the late hours and if you can’t get him right away call the office and any one of us can guide you in the right direction!